Multibrackets, specialized in aluminum manufacturing asked me during the fall 2014 if I wanted to design a headset series for them. They wanted a slim design which could be pleasing for the eye no matter if it was standing on a table, hanging under it or on a wall. As I was only 17 at the time I was overly hyped to do my first real commercial design.

The rendered result can be seen below. More videos and pictures from the making is further down.

The whole design progress did of course take a lot longer time than shown in the video below, doing some short surveys about what people actually liked and wanted. The video is showing a re-construction of the design progress to show the final states of the design.


This was the first time I made a product which hit the market. Sadly Multibrackets decided to remove the holes and front logo, which in my opinion is a major part of the overall design. The design is still simple and minimalistic, but it doesn’t feel that exclusive anymore.